Success Stories

Abhishek Pradhan

It’s rare that you come across with a teacher like Swati mam who takes her teaching profession seriously and gives each student personalized attention and builds a right academic perspective in minds of students to help excel in their career.
I was a mediocre student when I met Swati mam. I joined Swati mam's coaching classes in 8th grade (1996). In my initial start, mam focused on improving my fundamental concepts and gave personalized attention until I was comfortable and ready to handle higher level concepts. She made learning of difficult concepts easy by giving relevant examples or breaking them into easy to understand concepts. For me, I personally feel she developed my interest in important subjects like Math and Science, and that turned out to be crucial in my future academic success. There is no doubt that the fundamentals of Math and Science she imbibed in me have long shaped my aspiration and professional life. I did my Bachelors of Engineering from Vishwakarma Institute of Technology in 2004 and then after working in multi-national company for 4 yrs I chose to pursue masters degree from California State University (Cal state). Since then I have been working in US in a multi-national company for past 10 plus years and leading a successful professional life.
Swati mam is a lovable and humble person. Her passion is to teach and help her students achieve their academic goals. I loved going to Swati mam's class as she invoked personal confidence and guided me in my academic journey. For Swati mam, no question is dump question and she encourages student to speak, contribute and participate in class quizzes, discussions and knowledge sharing. Coaching under Swati mam is a mix of fun as well as hard work. Under her guidance students will feel comfortable and earn knowledge by putting right amount of efforts. Her teaching approach is methodical, scientific and emphasize on building confidence in students.
I wish Swati mam more power in her endeavor to assist many such students like me to achieve their academic success !

Suyash Abnave

Chemical Engineering Graduate (Batch 2016)
Indian Institute Of Technology Bombay

I still remember Swati Miss, who taught me Mathematics and Science in her coaching class when I was in class 7th. I was not an easy student to teach. I was more inclined towards extra-curricular activities and hardly placed an emphasis on my studies. And my scores, especially in Maths, reflected this. Worried about my lack of concern and seriousness in studies, my mother took me to an astrologer, who said that I would always be weak in Mathematics. This frightened me and I kept this a secret from everyone for years. I doubted my abilities. Then, when I started classes with Swati Miss, there was a huge change in my life. She motivated me and always treated me with empathy and care. She made science and maths more exciting to learn and always tried to keep me above the crowd. She even took the effort to teach me at home, if I wanted to learn something new. Those days changed my life, and my score improved drastically. After that, I continued taking coaching for class XI and X. I don't remember scoring less than 96% in maths during this period. Eventually, I topped my school in class X with 99 marks. The enthusiasm I now had in Science had brought me so much confidence that I attempted to crack the IIT JEE exam. I started preparing for JEE and cracked it with a good score. So last year (2016) I passed out from IIT Bombay with a B-Tech in chemical engineering.
It is all thanks to Miss Swati, who took the care to change how I think of my career and aim in life. I owe her a big one.

Vedansh Malhotra

When I joined the IB, mathematics was essentially witchcraft in my head. But after just a couple classes with Swati ma'am, I realised that math isn't just a subject that you study, it's a way of life : the ability to think differently ! Thank you ma'am, for moulding something that I hated, into a hobby that I'm now passionate about ! With Swati ma'am, math is fun :)

Shambhavi Gujar

BSC. Mathematics and Statistics
King's College London

When I joined Swati Ma’am’s classes, I had a 2/7 on math HL and I was planning to shift to SL because I was struggling. As soon as ma’am started teaching me, I went to a 6/7 within a month. Now I am pursuing a BSc. Mathematics and Statistics degree at an undergraduate level, hence I owe my entire career to Swati ma’am. She developed a deep-rooted interest in mathematics in me and kept by brain stimulated with varied learning techniques and a plethora of questions from different sources. Apart from being an excellent tutor, she is a gem of a person and caring guide. She has and will always have a lasting impression on me. One of the best decisions of my life was deciding to join Swati Ma’am’s. 10/10 would recommend.

Yosi Hatekar

Four years ago, I stepped beyond the threshold of Ms. Swati Naik's doorway for the first time, chastised by fear for a subject that should have been nothing but inherent. Skepticism weighed heavily on the student who had just received an E.
From that very minimum point till now, I have seen a clear increasing trend in my graph, not only in terms of grades but also confidence in dealing with mathematics.
During the period I spent with ma'am, I realized how much of the subject she embodies - from the reason-based thinking, to the subtle sternness that represents mathematical discipline, and even the acknowledgement of alternative methodologies. Along with these, she also brings warmth and passion that harmonizes into the characteristics of a phenomenal teacher. I owe much of the A* in IG and 6 in IB to her relentless efforts and genuine affection for her students.
Thank you!

Arun Ramesh

University of Rochester, Class of 2021
BA Economics, BS Data Science

Being a student in Swati Ma'am's class has helped foster a passion for math beyond the scope of high school. Not only was she an immensely helpful teacher for the IGCSE and A-Levels, but her teaching style also helped me learn Math from a new perspective, one that has stuck with me going into college.
Going to her class instilled a work ethic in me, from constantly revisiting chapters for revision to applying my knowledge to practice exams. I could see the results for myself, with my performances and confidence improving. From Mathematics to physics, I’d recommend Swati Ma’am’s class to anyone who wants to develop an interest in learning.
Thank you!